Monday, January 25, 2010

This Doesn't Look So Bad

Web Services Librarian, Academic Library
  • Got a phone call just as I walked in. I hate the soul-sucking process of retrieving voice mail messages, so I rushed to get it. Today's first project: verifying the usage statistics. We saw a dramatic drop in full text article requests. Turns out it's easy to explain; we lost access to Wilson Select FT once the Illinois Library couldn't afford to subsidize it anymore.
  • Took a peek at this week's calendar. Not bad. Vacation day Friday!
  • 68 unread email messages. Sometimes I'm amazed I get anything done at all when this is a typical morning inbox.
  • Wow, it's hard to get motivated on Monday mornings.
  • Maybe the afternoon will improve. Inbox read at least.
  • Spent the afternoon reading and coding web design workshop transcripts.
  • Attended my colleague's 5th year portfolio presentation.
  • Received an IM from a former colleague in San Francisco. They're launching txt reference today.
  • Developed a PubMed search on coronary blood flow for an exercise science student.