Friday, July 31, 2009


  • Attended our weekly anthropology grant team meeting. I'm the PI for our campus, but our wonderful anthropologist does so much of the heavy lifting. She's so organized, and we couldn't handle this project without her.
  • Made a single pile from all the paper on my desk. I will not leave until it's *poof* gone.
  • Updated our database A-Z list to reflect the change from CCH Tax Research Network to IntelliConnect.
  • Added corresponding listing to our EZProxy config file and sent the link to our business librarian for testing and review.
  • Selected 3 SAGE Publication books for my contribution to the recently published Encyclopedia of Health Services Research. I received a $100 book credit for my efforts.
  • Read a bit about TechQual+ -- a survey along the lines of LibQual+, but for campus IT departments. Sent the information to the other members of the Faculty Council on Technology.
  • Spent some time just browsing in the stacks. No particular goals, just a way to get familiar with our collection.
  • Immersed myself in Google Voice, SMS/IM help documentation. Oh, the possibilities.
  • Dealt with various and sundry emails (What does that even mean?)
  • Read Top-Ten IT Issues, 2009 from EDUCAUSE to prep for next week's Faculty Council on Technology meeting.
  • Slogged through the rest of my journal renewal list. Made some tough decisions.
  • Moved my paper pile to another spot so I could go home. Enough.

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