Tuesday, July 28, 2009

"Short" Day

  • In by 8:15. That's highly unusual, but I have to leave early today for an appointment.
  • Checked SurveyMonkey to see if I've gotten anymore responses to my survey of the biology faculty re: print v. online collections. Nope.
  • Scanned the Library email account to see if there's anything I need to handle. We received our Google Voice invite!
  • Created a new Google Voice number for the Library.
  • Made my morning rounds of Facebook (including adding our SMS number to our Library page!), Gmail, then Outlook email.
  • Printed out this little gem to tape to my wall so I can stop once in a while and wonder why I'm so stressed.
  • Set up some new email distribution lists in Outlook. Why is it so difficult? Yes, I want anyone I add to a list added to my contacts.
  • Added a new database to our A-Z list and corresponding subject list.
  • Accepted a one-year appointment to the CARLI I-Share OPAC Team.
  • Helped colleague set up a PBworks wiki for a campus committee.
  • Updated my online CV.
  • Assembled a bookstore tapas lunch. Half of the stations in our cafeteria are closed in the summer, making for a pretty boring menu. Sometimes I have to get creative.
  • Ate at my desk. This is typical--not in a woe-is-me way. When I'm at work, I'm here to work. I save my downtime for the evening.
  • Continued to evaluate LIF journal fund for possible cuts. Considering things like biology thesis citations, SFX requests in the past year. Still very difficult.
  • Compared my LIF list to the list of native PDFs available from a potential document delivery provider.
  • Observed a WCL user test with a student at UIS. UserVue is pretty cool.
  • Posted a tweet from our library account about our catalog being down. Turned on SMS notification from @CARLIoffice so I'll be notified and can post when it's back up even though I'm leaving the office soon.
  • Packed up a little work for home after my doctor appointment.
Late afternooon update:
  • Ordered a few more articles to try out a potential document delivery system for ordering articles from low-use journals we have to cut.

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