Thursday, July 30, 2009

Tech Troubles Thursday

So it started last night with the library printers being down. Apparently our 1st floor had network issues. Catalog has been up, down, up, down the whole week. Should make an interesting day.
  • Set myself up in the lower level for today's user tests. The 1st floor network was flaking out for some reason, so we had to relocate.
  • Answered my first virtual reference question from the neiulibrary queue using LibraryH3lp. Worked great, though since she addressed me by my first name, I figured it was a librarian at the desk. Turned out, no, it was an actual patron.
  • Waited and waited for the student to show up for the first user test. No go. Not even the $100 incentive was enough to remind him. I did send an email reminder 2 days ago.
  • Monitored the Handheld Librarian conference on Twitter, via the hashtag #hhlib. Turned out that people posted a link to allow conference access. Checked out @theanalogdivide's presentation on Building a Mobile Library Platform
  • Continued working on our WebVoyage CSS customization.
  • Email, email, email.
  • Spoke with our rep and the Journal of Visualized Experiments. We're going to subscribe.
  • Emailed her our IP address ranges and requested any special EZProxy config information.
  • Rescheduled the Altarama demo for next week. That freed up tomorrow afternoon for me. Nice on a Friday.
  • Monitored our last OCLC WorldCat Local user test. Looking forward to reading the report.
  • Sent a LinkedIn request to our OCLC user test facilitator. He was a pleasure, and I'm interested in user testing and may have questions for him in the future.
  • Created online/offline buttons for the LibraryH3lp app on our Facebook page and installed the app. Working great!
  • Caught the Academic Library Panel of #hhlib, with Alexa Pearce from NYU and Beth Stahr at SLU.
  • Updated our campus union officers and representatives web page. Yes, that's another hat I wear.
  • Talked on the phone with a former colleague from San Francisco State U. about LibraryH3lp and SMS reference options.
  • Listened to @libraryfuture speak about SMS for libraries. Like his Tweetable points in his presentation. Smart.

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