Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Halfway There

Wednesdays are my late day, meaning I arrive around noon and work the ref desk into the early evening. This gives me time in the morning to work on my hobby or run errands. It's sweet.
  • Attended a brown bag co-viewing of a student participant's interview in the anthro grant project.
  • Read all my non-listserv email
  • Observed another WorldCat Local user session taking place down in Springfield. This was a very savvy user. Had never used WCL but navigated nearly every task easily.
  • Put off filling out individual paper slips for a few old medical books that should have been weeded long ago. Our weeding process is so tedious. I'll take care of them while I'm at the ref desk later and can look each up one by one like I'm expected to do. Ugh.
  • Planned to attend a 2 pm reference meeting, but since the reference coordinator and the information services AUL are out today, we didn't have it.
  • Picked up late lunch and brought it back to the office. It has to hold me until early evening when I can go home. Just missed the cafeteria--closes at 2 pm in the summer.
  • Opened and printed a document delivery request article. Nice quality.
  • Read the rest of my Outlook email, scanned Gmail.
  • Started editing the CSS file for our new WebVoyage installation. I like Firebug but haven't quite figured out how to use it best. It doesn't help that there are 6+ CSS files involved.
  • Worked my weekly 3-hour shift at the reference desk. This involved:

    • Keying in the past 2 weeks of Meebo IM stats from a paper tally sheet to our SurveyMonkey stat file
    • Pulling all the rest of the old NCI Monographs off the shelves for discard as well as some other old books in ref. The Essential Guide to Prescription Drugs is less so when it was published in 1993.
    • Discovering both printing stations on the first floor are down as well as the other public ones in the library. That's always fun. One student sent a bunch of jobs before seeing the signs. I felt so bad for her. All that research gone.
    • Diving in to Instant Messaging Reference: A Practical Guide by R. Bridgewater and M. B. Cole. Specifically chapter 8, with info on LibraryH3lp. I'm charged with our transition to this service.
    • Test driving LibraryH3lp, including setting up our queues and substituting our Meebo chat widgets with LibraryH3lp ones on our website and in our LibGuides. Tomorrow: our Facebook page. Should be seamless to the librarians who staff the service.

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